Bristan Keller


Bristan Keller has been playing guitar and writing music for over 2 decades. He moved to Alaska in 2010 while active duty military, and made Anchorage his home after separating from service in 2016. He has played in various cities throughout the country, and overseas in deployed locations. Performances have included soloing as a singer/songwriter, and guitarist in several bands over the years. He decided to open a studio, and teach guitar and music lessons after completing his master's degree at UAA.His passions are his wife and three kids, teaching, playing music/ worship, and fellowship.

Bekki the Only: Written by Bristan Keller for 10 year anniversary with his wife.

Coming Home to You: Written by Bristan Keller, and performed at Ali Al Salem in Kuwait.



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Autumn Marchetti


Autumn has been the lead audio/visual (A/V) specialist at her local church since 2016,  and is able to teach beginner sound technician applications. A/V lessons are helpful for those that play live, and need help understanding how to run a soundboard or a PA system. 

“When I was taught how to manage a soundboard, it was an extreme crash course meaning it was twenty minutes of ‘This is a fader… This is a speaker cable… This is what gain does…’ I retained nearly nothing, and had to wing it until I got my sea legs under me. I strive to avoid that experience for those I train, and  tailor each lesson to students' goals. A solid understanding of acoustics and how to use a soundboard/ PA system is necessary for any performance!”