Our Methodology

At Anchorage Guitar Studio, we set ourselves apart from many  instructors by offering tailored lessons according to your goals. No student is alike, therefore one size does not fit all. We specialize in guitar performance, music theory, and songwriting. Students will have the option to participate in a bi-annual recital that will include playing with a live band to gain experience in performing with others. Our studio is brick and mortar, which minimizes distractions during the lessons, and exposes students to a variety of live performance applications. We are accepting new students for the fall semester, but space is limited! Please select "contact us" for a quote or more information. Experience why Anchorage Guitar Studio is Anchorage's premium choice in guitar performance, theory, and songwriting lessons.

Our Lessons



Why do you want to take music lessons? We will work with you by tailoring sessions to help you meet these goals.



We specialize in teaching many of the technical aspects in achieving certain tones in types of guitars,  amp specifications, and pedal parameters.



Guitar and soundboard lessons can include theory, various playing techniques, ear training, playing in groups/band, micing a drum set, tuning sound to a room, and songwriting.